Members of the Graduate Council

Graduate Council Representatives

Aerospace Engineering

S. N. Balakrishnan

Applied and Environmental Biology

Chen Hou

Ceramic Engineering

Michael Moats

Chemical & Biological Engineering

Parthasakha Neogi


Jeffery Winiarz

Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering

Cesar Mendoza

Computer Science

George Markowsky

Computer Engineering

Chang-Soo Kim

Economics & Finance

Michael Davis

Electrical Engineering

Chang-Soo Kim

English & Technical Communication

Edward Malone

Engineering Management

Steve Corns

Explosives Engineering

Kyle Perry

Geological Engineering

Leslie Gertsch

Geology and Geophysics

Wan Yang


Michael Meagher

Information Science & Technology

Barry Flachsbart

Manufacturing Engineering

Frank Liou

Materials Science & Engineering

Michael Moats

Mathematics & Statistics

Matt Insall


Sarah Stanley

Mechanical Engineering

Xiaodong Ynag

Metallurgical Engineering

Joseph Newkirk

Mining Engineering

Dr. Lana Alagha

Nuclear Engineering

Ayodeji Alajo

Petroleum Engineering

Baojun Bai


Daniel Fischer

Psychological Science

Nathan Weidner

Systems Engineering

Cihan Dagli



Graduate Faculty Chair

 Matt Insall
Graduate Faculty Secretary Daniel Oerther
Graduate Faculty Parliamentarian Ayodeji Alajo
Ex-officio members:  

Robert Marley

Dean of Graduate Studies

Constantinos Tsatsoulis

Vice Provost & Dean of Arts, Sciences, and Business

Kate Drowne

Vice Provost & Dean of Engineering & Computing Richard Wlezien

Cirricula Committee Chair

Stephen Raper