Members of the Graduate Council

Graduate Council Representatives

Aerospace Engineering

S. N. Balakrishnan

Applied and Environmental Biology

Chen Hou

Ceramic Engineering

Michael Moats

Chemical & Biological Engineering

Dipak Barua


Jeffery Winiarz

Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering

Cesar Mendoza

Computer Science

George Markowsky

Computer Engineering

Chang-Soo Kim

Economics & Finance

Michael Davis

Electrical Engineering

Chang-Soo Kim

English & Technical Communication

Edward Malone

Engineering Management

Steve Corns

Explosives Engineering

Kyle Perry

Geological Engineering

Leslie Gertsch

Geology and Geophysics

Wan Yang


Michael Meagher

Information Science & Technology

Barry Flachsbart

Manufacturing Engineering

Frank Liou

Materials Science & Engineering

Michael Moats

Mathematics & Statistics

Matt Insall


Sarah Stanley

Mechanical Engineering

Xiaodong Ynag

Metallurgical Engineering

Joseph Newkirk

Mining Engineering

Kwame Awuah-Offei

Nuclear Engineering

Ayodeji Alajo

Petroleum Engineering

Baojun Bai


Daniel Fischer

Psychological Science

Nathan Weidner

Systems Engineering

Cihan Dagli




Graduate Faculty Chair Matt Insall

Robert Marley

Vice Provost & Dean of Arts, Sciences, and Business

Kate Drowne

Vice Provost & Dean of Engineering & Computing Richard Wlezien
Cirricula Committee Chair Stephen Raper